Daly City Partnership Programs

After School Academic Programs (ASAP).

Kindergarten Readiness, Literacy Tutoring, Homework Assistance and Enrichment classes are offered at the 15 schools in the four school districts in Daly City: Bayshore, Brisbane, South San Francisco Unified and Jefferson Elementary School District.

The Kindergarten Readiness (KR) summer program serves children who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall and who have not attended a curriculum base preschool program and/or are English language learners. Students meet their Kindergarten teacher in their future classroom, learn basic academic preparedness, and practice appropriate classroom behavior.

In the Literacy Tutoring program, children who are behind their grade level in reading are referred by their classroom teacher to the program. The low ratio of teacher to students builds a more personal environment that allows each tutor to determine each child's learning style. Reading and writing are enhanced by games, music and other creative activities.

The program model for the Homework Assistance program program suggests that if children are provided with structure, space, and supervision to do their homework on campus during after school hours, they will develop better study skills and habits and increase the rate of completion and overall quality of their homework. Instructional aides from the same school sites conduct the program. Classroom teachers' refer children who have a history of low homework completion or poor quality assignments.

The Enrichment Classes introduce life-long enriching activities to children, as well as enlarge the scope of a child's learning by offering a variety of experiences for them to explore. For some students, such programs spark a lifelong interest in a particular subject and motivate them to do better in school. These classes include Dance, Music, Art, Science, and other enjoyable classes

For more information on programs and services thru ASAP please contact Pat Bohm at 650-991-5715 or Pat@dcpartnership.org

Our Second Home Early Childhood Family Resource Center. Also, visit us at www.OurSecondHome.org

Our Second Home is Daly City’s first community center dedicated to the needs of young children and to providing support for the adults in their lives. We offer a variety of FREE services including Individual and family therapy, parent and provider workshops, health and development screenings, resource library, play groups, nutrition workshops and much more.

Mission: Our mission statement is “helping raise young children.” Our Second Home works with families and caregivers of children, prenatal through five years of age, to promote healthy development, academic readiness and safety for young children in Daly City and Northern San Mateo County.

Programs and Services: OSH successfully engages vulnerable families in San Mateo County with children zero through five years of age. All of our programs support the development of healthy families through family support, access to resources, education, and opportunities for community connection. Annually we serve over 700 families.

Some of the services OSH currently offers include:

  • Care Coordination and referral services-one on one case management
  • Free Morning Preschool for Low-Income Daly City Families (with Bayshore Child Care Services)
  • Family Literacy Nights with Hands-On Activities and Free Books
  • English as a Second Language Classes with Free Child Care for Children 1-5 (with Jefferson Adult School)
  • Individual and Family Therapy for Families with Children 5 and under
  • “Play and Learn” Support Groups for Preschool Families
  • Parenting Workshops on Topics Including “Building emotional understanding,” “Tantrum Training,” “Getting Your Little One to Bed,” “Family Routines,” and more
  • Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Classes for Parents and Providers
  • Provider workshops on topics such as “Communicating with Parents,” Dealing with violence and violent play in the classroom,” “Child Development,” “ECERS-R Training,” and much more
  • ECE Courses held at Our Second Home through Skyline Community College
  • ASQ and ASQ-SE assessments

For more information on programs and services at OSH please contact Sherin Ziadeh at 650-301-3302 or Sherin@oursecondhome.org.

Para mas información en Español, por favor llame (650) 301-3300 o Nely@oursecondhome.org

Healthy Aging Response Team (HART).

HART is a collaborative effort of local organizations that have come together to serve the rapidly changing needs of adults 50+ and persons with disabilities. It promotes the sense of community-building by having neighbors helping neighbors:

  • Highly trained peer volunteers answer calls on a 40 hours per week phone system
  • Multilingual outreach workers locate homebound, hard-to-reach, and isolated older adults and persons with disabilities and inform them of available services in the community
  • Provide outreach and facilitated referral services in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Volunteer follow-up with each client to ensure that the referral was successful and will maintain current referral information and data. In addition,
  • HART staff work with client and organization to settle any unresolved items and arrange for needed services, as applicable
  • Services
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Health / Wellness / Recreation
  • Others


Basic HART eligibility: All Daly City residents 50 years and older and adults with disabilities are eligible to participate in the HART Project.

Call us at 650-991-5558 Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.       Web: www.doelgercenter.com

Community Action Response Team (CART).

Community Action Response Team (CART) is a prevention focused and community based program that serves families in the Northern Region of San Mateo County. CART is currently providing services in three 3 areas of prevention. First, CART is the administrator of the Differential Response Program (DR). DR is a six month intensive wrap around services program that is home based. Families are referred to CART exclusively through San Mateo County's Children Protective Services (CPS). Once referred, families are engaged based on their unique needs and services are customized to meet these specific needs. Community Workers are embedded through out key cities in Northern San Mateo County so that access to services and service delivery is streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Second, CART is delivering Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Prevention Services in the Bayshore Community in Daly City. Bayshore Community Prevention Partnership (BCPP) was formed as a community centered and partnership lead grass root movement that is aimed at reducing access and use of AOD substances amongst youth within our community. Through the support of our various partners, CART has been implementing evidence based environmental prevention strategies since 2009. Last but not least, CART is a part of a mental health collaborative called North County Outreach Collaborative (NCOC). NCOC is aiming at reducing stigma around mental health services and increase eligibility and access to existing services for families that are eligible for services. Since its inception, NCOC has played a prominent role within the communities we serve and have shown its effectiveness with direct increase of access of mental health services in Northern San Mateo County.

For more information about programs or services about CART please contact Clifford Hawkes at 1-415-294-2659 or Clifford@dcpartnership.org

Youth Enrichment Program.

Collaborating throughout the community with youth serving organizations to provide programs to both middle school and high school youth. Programs such as Positive Youth Media Blitz and the After School Safety and Education for Teens (ASSETs) help to build the competencies and self-esteem of these students, giving them the opportunity to be creative, challenge their fears and make a difference in their community.

For more information on programs and services thru the Youth Enrichment program please contact Denise Brown at (650) 991-8004 or DBrown@dalycity.org

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